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At Revelinks Travel and Tours, we created the RTT Wallet because we want to help people move from day dreaming about a trip, to actualizing that dream with our flexible saving scheme for clients called RTT Wallet.

In today’s world, many people don’t know that travel does more than money can buy when you do it, whether it’s a 2 hour road trip from your city to another or a 26 hour connecting flight trip half way across the globe, breathing new air always feels like magic and that is a treat you can get only when you venture to travel.

What is the RTT Wallet?

The RTT Wallet is a virtual piggy bank account where customers save up in installments freely on their preferred timeline for any of our packages (Cruise Vacation, Flight Tickets, Visa, Shuttle Services, City Tours, and RTT Specials etc.).

How do I Start

We have made the RTT Wallet easy to access with two methods; online and offline modes.

For offline customers,

  1. walk into our service points/offices or call in to create a profile alongside the following
  • International Passport.
  • Passport photographs.
  • Valid ID.
  1. Activate your wallet with a minimum of NGN20, 000.
  2. Keep funding!!!

For online customers,

  1. Click on the link here to start.
  2. fill in the form in the link above
  3. wait shortly as we respond via email
  4. Confirm first activation funds payment..
  5. Keep funding!!!

Tracking of Funds

Track your funds on the RTT Wallet
Track your funds

A quarterly statement of account is sent to clients mail address to keep up with wallet progress and a list of recommended packages and services specially tailored for the client based on information given. Upon request, monthly statements can be arranged.


Accrued PointsHand giving gift rtt wallet bonuses

When you open an RTT Wallet, you are eligible to gain loyalty points (redeemable as special dinner dates, hotel reservations, RTT Goody Bags and other fun packages). Other ways of getting points are include in here

Redeeming Funds

As Revelinks Travels and Tours Ltd is not a financial institution, we do not disburse cash as redemption for funds in the RTT wallet, only our services and packages can be redeemed (i.e.   You can only “cash” out in travel packages, flight tickets, hotel bookings, shuttle service etc.). In other words, we observe a zero refund policy for this service.

NB: Terms and conditions apply.


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