Join Revelinks Aviation Training Institute [RATI]

Acquire skills to make you employable in the aviation & tourism industry or start your own travel business



In 2016, Travel & Tourism contributed over $7.6 trillion & supported about 300million jobs worldwide.

These 3 industries depend on tourism

  • Air transport
  • Travel agencies/Tour operators
  • Hotels & accommodation

There are specific skill set required to operate in any of these sectors



Trainees; if you want to be part of this growing economy then you will need the skills to operate in the industry.

  • RTT offers the opportunity to acquire IATA approved skills including:
  • Ticketing & reservation (GDS proficiency)
  • Airport operations
  • Tourism & Tour packaging (Visa, Cruises & Tours)
  • Aviation accounting & revenue management
  • Sale & Marketing
  • Customer Service






If you are certified and would like to share your knowledge with trainees then this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss

Facilitate specific topics and share your expertise

Enjoy flexible tutoring hours

Receive recommendation at end of each cycle


As Travel Agents and Tours Operators, you can send your staff to trained



RATI’s program unique because it offers

-8 weeks of lecture and practical session with our seasoned facilitators in a conducive learning environment

-Internships placements for participants because we that it is not just enough to learn in the classroom, we inculcate on-the-job learning as part of a comprehensive capacity building program to

Thoroughly ground participants in the skills they’ll need to move seamlessly into the industry.


Registration Ends 10-9-2018

Classes start 17-9-2018 to 2-11-2018

Evaluations & Exams starts 13-2-20- 2018

Internship starts 7-1-2019.

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